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Different Types of Fabric

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If you are looking for different – different types of fabric then you land at the best place. Here we provide a list of all major types of Fabrics which are regularly used in textile industry. Depending on the yarn which has been used and the properties of the final product, fabrics are classified into given list of fabric names. Moreover, here you can find different types of fabrics with pictures which will help you to understand the fabrics and their uses in various applications.

Denim is a sturdy and tight cotton fabric in which each weft thread passes under at least two or more warp threads, which results in a diagonal ribbing pattern. The diagonal ribbing pattern is what separates denim fabric from canvas, or cotton duck, which is another sturdy fabric. There are various types of denim fabric names list, known as indigo denim, stretch denim, crushed denim, acid-washed denim, raw denim, and sanforized denim. Denim fabric is a popular choice for people of different ages. Because of this reason, manufacturers and exporters prefer denim fabric for different clothing such as jeans, jackets, western wear, ladies’ shirts, etc. Jacquard is a fabric with highly detailed and precise weaving patterns. The patterns are not embroidered but are directly woven on the fabric.

Jacquard fabric is woven on specially designed looms, which are used to produce other fabrics like brocade and damask as well. Jacquard is used commonly in making jacquard sarees, lehengas, panjabi and upholstery fabrics. With the advent of new technological advancements, jacquard is now woven with the computerized process. This has helped in eliminating the repetitiveness in the manufacturing process.

Viscose is a semi-synthetic rayon fabric made from wood pulp and is used as a substitute for silk. The drape and smoothness are similar in viscose which gives the fabric a luxury feel and makes it a prominent substitute for silk. The wood pulp is converted into fabric by treating it with chemicals. It is an absorbent and lightweight fabric with a breathable and soft feel to it, which makes the fabric highly preferred. The fabric by itself is not elastic but can be made so by the addition of spandex. Therefore, you can see that there are different types of fabrics used in the textile business.

Silk is a natural fiber that is produced by the silkworm and is known for its luster and softness. The silkworm secretes silk to make its cocoon. Silk is a famous fabric name that is known for its shine and softness and is considered a luxurious material. It is used in a variety of clothing and provides a beautiful drape and sheen. Moreover, silk is also used for accessories, bedding, upholstery, and more to give a luxurious touch. The best quality of silk is achieved from cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm. Silk Sarees are famous in Bangladesh, where they are a textile of choice for local ladies.

It is a sturdy and heavy-duty fabric made with heavy cotton yarns, with linen yarn added occasionally. Canvas, by itself, is a plain-weave fabric and can be turned water-resistant or even water proof, when cotton is with other synthetic fabrics. This can make canvas an ideal outdoor fabric.

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